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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! We have a simple form that we ask you to fill out. If you don't have all the social media or a website that is okay. The necessary fields for us are your name, contact info (that is just for us), a brief bio, a headshot, and five highlights (podcasts, festivals, significant club visits, etc.). You can find that form at
Glad you asked! We ask that you complete a form for us that covers all the vital information we might need. The form is for new shows, or if you are updating comics, times, or other items for a show that is already on the site. We think the form is self-explanatory, but if you have any questions on it, please let us know. You can find and bookmark the form at
Yes! One thousand times yes. There will never be a fee for inclusion in our database of comics and shows. We only ask that you keep your profile and show information up-to-date, and let others know what we are doing.
With your help, we are working towards being the ultimate source for Phoenix comedy news and information. We LOVE comedy and see the thriving mecca that Arizona comedy can become. Our goal is to not only make it easy to find local headliners and up and comers but also giving you new ways to find more favorites through podcasts and Laugh At Me Radio.
We don't. Well not right now at least. Some area's that we believe we will be able to monetize is through a podcast network, commercials on Laugh At Me Radio, ads and unique features in our weekly newsletter, and through a comedy loyalty program that Brian (he is the one that created this) has told any details to just one person, Jonathan Gregory. Speaking of the newsletter...
Get the most up-to-date information on upcoming comedy shows delivered right to your inbox (2-3 emails per week.)

Right now we just need people and shows. If you are a comic or know comics have them sign up! If you are a promoter or know a promoter have them submit shows. If you are a fan of comedy we are on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook under the username laughatmeinfo.
Get the most up-to-date information on upcoming comedy shows delivered right to your inbox (2-3 emails per week.)

Just ask. You can shoot us an email at info[@] or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter where our username is laughatmeinfo.